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Dental Fillings for Your Children’s Smiles

If you want your children to have a bright smile and healthy teeth, their dentist will need to check for cavities. Whenever a child needs dental fillings, their parents will come to us with questions. We provide all the answers you may need. Our team will answer all your questions and ensure your child smiles brightly.

When and Why Does a Child Need Dental Fillings?

A child will likely need a cavity filling when they have a toothache. In addition, sensitivity to temperatures and pressure or sugary foods may indicate that a child needs a filling as well.

A dentist will notice that your children will need cavity fillings if there are dark areas on their teeth or a visible hole. A chipped or broken tooth also shows that a filling is necessary. In addition, your child will need a dental filling to repair cavities or small holes so that these cavities don’t turn into more significant dental problems in the future.

What Happens During a Tooth Filling?

When taking part in a tooth filling, a dentist will desensitize and numb your child’s mouth by injecting an anesthetic. Then, the dentist may give your child laughing gas or nitrous oxide to help calm them down if your son or daughter is nervous.

Then the dentist may place a rubber dam inside your child’s mouth. The next part involves the dentist using a laser or drill to remove the decaying part of the tooth. The very last step of the process involves filling the cavity to prevent bacteria from further damaging your child’s mouth. The process is painless and will greatly improve your dental health! At Goodland Dentistry, we ensure you or your child is relaxed and comfortable with any procedure.

Why You Should Choose Goodland Dentistry for Your Dental Fillings

Our team at Goodland Dentistry is both compassionate and competent at making every family feel informed and confident about the care they’ll receive. Furthermore, dental services, such as tooth fillings, at Goodland Dentistry are very effective.

Here, we make sure to cover everyone in your family. We provide dental services for toddlers, infants, young children, teenagers, young adults, and parents. Best of all, kids dentistry is our specialty, and we are passionate about taking care of your children’s dental health.

Flexible scheduling – so your entire family can get fillings when it works for them

We accept many forms of payment – From Medicaid and payment plans to insurance, we offer many ways to pay for your treatment.

We make kids comfortable with the dentist – Our offices specialize in kids care so we know how to ensure kids have a tranquil time in our chairs.

Our Dental Discount Plan – No insurance? Don’t let that stop you from visiting us. We offer a Dental Discount plan that pays for itself in the first visit.

Multiple locations throughout Texas – We want visiting the dentist to be as convenient as possible so we’re sure there is a location near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

In general, dental fillings can last for about 15 years on average. Some dental fillings can last a lifetime, while others may last only a few years. Factors that may affect how long your dental fillings last include whether you clench or grind your teeth. The longest you should generally expect a tooth filling to last is about 20 years.

Which Cavity Filling is Best?

Amalgam is the best cavity filling because it is the strongest and longest-lasting choice available. The Amalgam filling is made out of a combination of copper, tin, mercury, and silver.

Dentists have been implementing amalgam fillings in their practice for many decades. These are very durable, strong, and affordable cavity fillings.

What Are the Five Types of Dental Fillings?

The five types of dental fillings include:

  • Composite fillings
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Ceramic fillings
  • Gold fillings
  • Glass ionomer fillings

A composite resin filling is also an option. Silver amalgam fillings are made with multiple materials, including copper, silver, zinc, and tin.

What to Avoid After Dental Fillings

The type of dental filling that your child gets will tell you how long they should avoid chewing and biting down on the side of the mouth where the dentist completed the filling.

An amalgam filling means your kiddo will likely need to wait 24 hours before chewing on the side of the mouth with the filling. A composite filling hardens immediately after a dentist uses a blue UV light on your kid’s tooth. Yet, a dentist may tell a child to avoid biting down on that side of the mouth for about two hours after completing the filling.

Your child will also need to avoid sticky foods and hard foods, such as:

  • Ice
  • Hard candy
  • Nuts of all types
  • Caramel chocolates

How to Prepare a Child for a Dental Filling

There are specific steps you’ll need to follow to prepare your kiddo for a dental filling, which are:

  • Remain calm and positive
  • Explain the procedure using kid-friendly terms (sugar spot instead of a cavity, poking feeling instead of a needle, etc.)
  • Discuss with the dentist whether sedation is needed and which type
  • Share your past experiences of getting cavities filled with your child
  • Let your child bring a stuffed animal or their favorite toy
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothes

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